Computer work

How to calculate a person’s location by IP
Each computer has its own network card - IP, designed specifically for searching, receiving and transmitting information. The IP address on the PC can be local, dynamic, or static. The…

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What to do if the keyboard does not work on the computer
Why the computer keyboard does not work Each computer user may have a keyboard problem, and in this case, you need to find the answer to the question: why the…

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How to set up a monitor
How to properly configure the monitor (brightness, contrast, color) All modern operating systems are built on a graphical interface, so the key aspect in the work is the correct calibration…

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Everything a user needs to know about tablets

What is happening on the tablet market today can rightfully be called a tablet boom. This is somewhat reminiscent of the rapidly growing popularity of mobile phones, which our compatriots witnessed at the beginning of this century. Today, more and more people are thinking about buying a tablet, especially successful businessmen and students. What is the overwhelming popularity of these gadgets?

Huge functionality is not a whim.
Modern tablets are endowed with a huge set of popular functions that greatly simplify the life of a schoolchild, student, and even a large entrepreneur. This new generation of computers allows you to use yourself as a convenient and practical organizer. You can easily install business planning applications on them or use Google Continue reading

Protecting your computer from viruses is the main task of the user

Nowadays, a computer has become an integral thing just like a mobile phone or TV. Many people save money for a computer for a long time, and when one day this dream comes true, they feel themselves in seventh heaven. Some time passes and more and more valuable information appears on the PC: music, personal documents, videos, interesting photos. The computer is becoming a repository of important data about human life.

However, for most, connecting a PC to the network is considered an important condition, because a computer without the Internet, in their opinion, is not useful. It sounds a little radical, but there is some truth here. Continue reading

LG Chromebase

The CES-2014 (International Consumer Electronics Show), which began in Las Vegas, as always, presents a large number of various interesting innovative solutions from leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. Among them are promising computer models. Today it is LG Chromebase, which has already received its own name from Russian consumers as a chrome block due to the Google Chrome OS operating system preinstalled on it.

LG Electronics’ 22CV241 model has become one of the most advanced products on the desktop PC market, initially optimized for operating systems that are gaining popularity. Continue reading

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Notebook: Device Overview

Notebook Apple MacBook Pro Retina – A device that is similar to previous models of the MacBook Pro. But the novelty also has differences that at first glance may not be noticeable. Users who have already purchased this device noted its high functionality, image sharpness and long battery life.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Notebook: Pros
The new version of the laptop has a Retina display, which is known for high definition images and the ability to fine-tune. The screen resolution in high quality is 2560 by 1600 dpi. This is one of the best displays. The laptop provides an excellent picture even on a small display. Of course, the size of 15 inches Continue reading

Seagate Business Storage 4-Bay NAS

Seagate NAS called Business Storage 4-Bay NAS is another recently announced new network-based method for organizing Network Attached Storage systems, which consumers use quite widely instead of acquiring additional computers when they need to store especially large amounts of information. Moreover, often these devices are used by users to expand the capabilities of their personal home computers.

The presented device is somewhat more complicated than such conventional home expanders and has much more capabilities for the declared purpose of its use and its intended use in a business environment. Naturally, all the additional pleasures are available in Seagate NAS, a company whose products are well-known and in demand on the global market for computer devices. It is also convenient to organize the work of the torrent client server for mail, FTP or Http connections. NAS is excellent for connecting to various computer-controlled digital video surveillance Continue reading

What to do if a computer or laptop refuses to turn on
The answer to the question of what to do if a computer or laptop refuses to turn on depends on the reason that led to this problem. There can be…


Hard Drive Problems: Causes and Solutions
The hard drive is designed for long-term storage of files. Problems with a hard drive can lead not only to unstable computer operation, but also to the loss of important…


How to choose components and assemble a computer yourself
Many people who want to have a personal computer do not want to purchase ready-made, already equipped equipment and prefer to assemble a computer on their own, choosing the necessary…


Arbitrary shutdown of the computer. What to do?
Sometimes it happens. Iron is iron and everything that is done by human hands can ever fail. This is a hackneyed truth with which one has to put up and…