How to check the monitor for dead pixels
The acquisition of a computer, laptop or other gadget is a responsible undertaking. Even in the new technology there may be obvious and hidden defects. Dead (or dead) pixels -…

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Unifi setup
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How to choose components and assemble a computer yourself
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How to choose the healthiest computer

It doesn’t matter why you buy a computer – for typing texts, making music or breaking bank safes. In any case, you will spend a lot of time behind him and spend a lot of strength and health. Fortunately, today it is in your will to minimize your last spending. Manufacturers have long understood: the modern user appreciates not only the cleverness of the thinking unit, but also its convenience and minimal harm to well-being.

Ergonomic keyboards are good for your health

When buying, you grabbed that “clave” (as computer people call the keyboard), which turned up under your arm … And now you have to turn your hands – when working on it. The so-called carpal tunnel syndrome often occurs due to improper hand position while working on the keyboard. And more and more often they get sick not only programmers or web designers, but also people of “non-computer” specialties.

The ergonomic keyboard saves from this trouble. Usually it has a special wrist rest that prevents improper hand position during work and prevents the development of the disease. On some keyboards, the rescue stand can be removed if desired; on others, it is fixed tightly. There are also wave-shaped keyboards, due to which an optimal arrangement of hands is achieved when typing. There are transformer keyboards: their halves can be moved apart and installed in more than 20 positions – there is plenty to choose from! Such a keyboard has only one drawback – it takes up a lot of space on the desktop. And the fact that at first it is extremely inconvenient to work on such a strange design, you gradually get used to it.

Radiation is not as scary as it is painted

It is believed that the computer has two sources of radiation – a system unit and a monitor. At first, newcomers were scared by “radiation”. Now it’s known that, firstly, electromagnetic radiation is enough in our house without a computer, because the wiring is hidden around the walls. And secondly, the most powerful and harmful radiation comes from the back of the computer, which at home, as a rule, faces the wall.

For especially suspicious citizens, all manufacturers of monitors have long been producing liquid crystal displays that are completely devoid of harmful radiation. Well, if you don’t have enough money for such delights, know: all modern monitors are equipped with several protective layers that prevent the spread of radiation from the screen. Even the once generally accepted designation of “low radiation” by manufacturers is no longer put. But if you want to be absolutely sure of the safety of the monitor, buy models that comply with the most stringent safety standard – TCO-03.

Oh my poor eyes

You probably remember what kind of pain and redness appeared in the eyes if you stayed up even at the best monitor. Therefore, we recall a few common truths.

The monitor frame scan frequency should be at least 85-100 Hz. Everything that is less badly affects not only vision, but also the central nervous system – it is not in vain that they do not recommend working with computers with epilepsy patients.

The monitor should provide a clear, bright and high-quality image, and the colors are transmitted as naturally as possible. Check the settings in the store and do not be lazy to set the parameters when installing the monitor. Colors should not be too bright or too dull, the contrast should not be too sharp or too blurry.

Do not spare money for a monitor with a large diagonal (at least 19 inches). It provides high image quality, optimal resolution and comfortable operation. If you plan to play on a computer, the screen should be even larger.

Choose a place for the monitor that ensures no glare on the screen. Never work in a dark room.

Do not forget about gymnastics for the eyes: several times an hour from the screen, look out the window, make rotational movements of the eyeballs clockwise and in the opposite direction. Alternate types of work. By the way, if you did not know what the games are on your computer for, know – just to give your eyes a rest after tiring tables and texts.

The spine also suffers

First of all, follow the simple rules: every 45 minutes of work alternate with 15 minutes of rest, during which you need to do simple gymnastics. Or at least stretch out at the workplace. Do not skimp on a comfortable chair.

The distance from the screen to the eyes should be at least 50-70 centimeters. This is useful not only for vision, but also for proper fit as a whole.

In no case do not abuse the work “on the knee”, the possibility of which is provided by modern laptops. The mobility promised by them can turn into complete immobility (with osteochondrosis, as you know, jokes are bad) ..

Buy a special ergonomic computer desk. Its charm is that you can work behind him, both sitting and standing. It is enough to press the lever – and the tabletop will smoothly go up, adapting to your height.

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