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How to increase RAM due to the hard disk

In this article, we will talk about how to expand RAM using a hard drive, since the answer to this question is of interest to many users of computer devices. It often happens that such a manipulation becomes a necessity and helps in cases where the computer begins to slow down and freeze, does not respond to commands or crashes completely.

System disk and RAM
Random access memory, or, as the people say, RAM, is random access memory of a computer device. In fact, the RAM is a volatile component of the entire computer memory system, where for some period of time commands and various data are stored – those that the processor needs to be able to perform all kinds of operations.

It should be understood that the system disk and RAM are two different things. To increase the RAM you need to have enough free disk space, at least 10 or 15 GB. If there is not enough free space on the hard disk, the RAM, along with its commands and files, does not “fit” on the disk, and the processor stops working efficiently. To fix the situation, you need to provide the RAM the required place, “clearing” the hard drive and thereby expanding the memory and increasing the speed of the computer.

How to expand RAM due to railway
To expand the RAM due to the railway, the following steps are required:

On the desktop, find the “My Computer” icon and right-click on it.
A context menu will appear before you, from which select the “Properties” item and click on it.
After clicking on “Properties”, a window with the name “System Properties” will open. Here you will see a lot of different tabs, but do not be frightened of their abundance, since you only need one – “Advanced”. Click on it with the mouse once.
You will see several additional points, from which you need to select the “Performance” option, and in it – the “Parameters” item.
In the “Parameters” a new window will open with the name “Performance Parameters”, in which you will be asked to choose your next actions. Here you also need to select “Advanced”.
Take a look at what the tab has suggested. You will see three points, from which select the line “Virtual memory” – and click on the “Change” button.
After that, a new (third in a row) window with the name “Virtual Memory” will open before you again.
Disk expansion
Further, it is recommended to act with utmost care. You will see a list of computer device disks, due to which you will expand the RAM. You need to determine how much free space on each of the drives. As a rule, the expansion of RAM is carried out due to C: or D: drives – let’s say that you are interested in the latter option.

In the “Virtual memory” window, click on the D: drive, then select the “Special size” item and enter this same initial size: say 2000 (the maximum possible size is 4000). You can set the same values ​​for the minimum and maximum, and this value can be made about three times as much as the volume of your “physical” RAM.

Nothing more needs to be changed, just click on the OK affirmative button. Then, in the “Performance Settings” window, also click on “OK” and in the “System Properties” window – also click on “OK”.

After you have completed all of the above steps, you only need to restart the computer device. That’s all – the RAM has been successfully increased due to the disk you have chosen. You can enjoy the speed of your computer.

Disk cleaning
However, do not forget that a lot of different “garbage” gradually accumulates on the system disk. These are temporary programs, applications, files that need to be periodically deleted, since all this “junk” takes up space on the hard drive and slows down the system. In order to clean the hard drive, you do not need to have any special knowledge. It is enough to take advantage of the capabilities of a special utility that will clean and defragment the disk quickly and efficiently. There are many such programs, and all of them are effective.

Install the program on your computer and launch it by clicking on the “Search” button. The utility will begin to analyze the system of your computer, and then offer to tick off files and programs to be deleted. You will be surprised, but there are many of them, and they can be deleted without any consequences for further work on the computer. A list of recommended items for removal can be found on the Internet. Mark these items and click on the “Clear” button. You will immediately be informed how much disk space is freed up after deletion.

During system analysis, debris removal and diffragmentation, you can continue to work on a computer device. If the computer at the same time slows down, do not be alarmed: after cleaning, its speed will significantly accelerate.

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