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Arbitrary shutdown of the computer. What to do?

Sometimes it happens. Iron is iron and everything that is done by human hands can ever fail. This is a hackneyed truth with which one has to put up and fix breakdowns. Modern computer technology just like everything else can break, and also needs to be repaired. Today we will talk about one of the most common problems and its causes – the arbitrary shutdown of a computer.

Alas, even owners of brand new PCs have to deal with this phenomenon. Therefore, the information in this article may well help you understand some situations yourself.

PC shutdown during games
In this situation, you should not blame everything on just the video card. More often the problem lies in the other two components and it is worth checking them earlier than getting upset that you have to buy a new video card. Violations in her work usually have other symptoms: a system freeze or artifacts appearing on the monitor.

Check power supply
This is the most common reason for turning off the computer during gameplay. Due to the fact that when the game is on, the load on the video card increases significantly, the power supply unit may simply not withstand peak voltages or, more simply, be weak. Sometimes the quality of the PSU itself is very low. Both of these can cause a reboot of the system unit.

CPU overheats
This is another common reason why the computer randomly shuts down during the game. The problem is still with the same increased load – modern games sometimes require very serious involvement of computing power, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the processor. If you add to this a cooler clogged with dust and a weak cooling system applied to the processor a year ago and long-dried thermal grease – this will trigger the protection and a sudden shutdown.

The symptoms described above are suitable for cases of self-shutdown of the PC, not only during games. They are also most often diagnosed if your system engineer shuts down while watching a video and while working with heavy applications. We have already suggested solutions:

• Do not forget to periodically remove dust from the ventilation system;

• Refresh thermal grease on the processor.

The problem with dust, by the way, is sometimes found during the operation of the power supply. In other words, do not forget to periodically arrange general cleaning and preventive maintenance for your car. If it does not help, then you will have to upgrade the hardware to a more powerful one. This is also a periodic phenomenon, which is hardly possible to avoid. Newer programs require more power.

Arbitrary shutdown of the computer – more difficult situations
Switching off occurs immediately after switching on. In addition, as mentioned above, in such a situation, there may be problems in other system components. Therefore, it is worth checking at least two more of them – RAM and the motherboard.

Arbitrary shutdown of the computer due to RAM has various early symptoms, which it is advisable to pay attention to in time. Typically, the system begins to freeze and slow down, reboot independently. This is an occasion to pay attention to the RAM. Why it is worth starting with it – it is less expensive and faster. Removing memory and attributing it to diagnostics is much easier than diagnosing the entire motherboard. And the reasons are most often in the RAM.

To get started, you can just try removing and reinserting the board into the slot. It is also advisable to arrange wet cleaning – wipe the contacts with a solvent of 646 grade (not alcohol, although, in extreme cases, even alcohol is better than French toilet water or a fashionable cologne). Very often, due to a violation of contact, the entire system unit starts to fail. Did not help? Have to carry to a specialist with equipment for diagnosis.

We checked the system memory and everything is in order with it, but the system still interrupts loading and the computer shuts down arbitrarily. Then the problem becomes even more complicated. You will have to pay careful attention to the motherboard. For an unprepared person, this is a frankly dark forest, but even a full kettle can see some obvious symptoms.

Most often, the problem with the motherboard is related to its age. She’s just dying sooner or later. This is an inevitable process and repairing an outdated motherboard is not worth it, if only for economic reasons. If your PC model is still supported by the manufacturer, you can simply replace the motherboard. If the brains of your hardware are frankly dull, think about buying a more modern model or the maximum possible upgrade. Periodic carrying out of such a procedure is a necessity, and not at all a whim of those who are constantly trying to update the components of their PC to the latest. It is economically much more profitable to upgrade the hardware in stages than immediately dump a ton of money to buy a new system unit assembly. But this is a matter of your own pocket and it is up to you to decide what to do.

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