Seagate Business Storage 4-Bay NAS
Seagate NAS called Business Storage 4-Bay NAS is another recently announced new network-based method for organizing Network Attached Storage systems, which consumers use quite widely instead of acquiring additional computers…

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The computer does not turn on: the problem is in the power supply
All PC malfunctions falling under the “computer does not turn on” category boil down to one single problem: it is impossible to download any of the known operating systems to…

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How the proxy server works
Questions about how a proxy server works and what it really is are often asked by users of computer devices. To begin with, proxy-server translates from English as a proxy…

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The monitor does not turn on: reasons, recommendations

Does your computer start up when it is turned on, but the monitor does not turn on and remains dark? The problem is quite common, and in order to solve it, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the PC and determine the cause of this “behavior” of the monitor. There are a number of ways to do this, thanks to which you will find out why the monitor does not work when you start the computer.

The monitor does not turn on: contacts and power
First of all, make sure that the problem is not with the monitor itself. To do this, turn off the computer by pressing the “Power” button and holding it for several seconds. When the system driver stops making noise, turn it on again. Is the monitor still not working? Then the reason is not in it.

Now check the power – is it coming to the monitor. If the surge protector is disabled, the image on the screen will not be displayed. Perhaps the button was accidentally disabled. The power button for the monitor, depending on the model of the latter, can be located on the side, or on the front panel, or behind. If you see that the light is on and the monitor is off, press the button and watch the other indicators on the monitor: if they light up, power began to flow.

Otherwise, determine the state of the contacts. They may well be damaged, and damage, as a rule, is located at such points:

1) connection to the system board;

2) the connection of the motherboard with the video card;

3) connection with the monitor itself.

If you suspect that one of the listed contacts is damaged, check the cable that connects the computer to the monitor. Also make sure that the graphics card is firmly and correctly connected to the motherboard, as the problem may be the type of signal that is being transmitted. On modern PCs, there are mainly video cards with two built-in connectors – DVI white and VGA blue. In addition to them, there is also a third type of connector – HDMI, which is used on the latest models of computer monitors.

If the computer is connected to the blue connector, try connecting it to the white connector or vice versa. If the monitor is in good working order, when you turn it off, you will see the message “No signal”. In addition, motherboards with a built-in graphics adapter have a connector for connecting a computer monitor. And if the monitor was restored when it was connected, then the problem is most likely that the video card settings were lost or it just burned out. You can also press the “Menu” key on the monitor and see what the reaction will be. If a window appears on the screen, the monitor is fine and you should tackle the contrast and brightness settings.

Monitor and system board malfunction
If you find that the monitor has turned on for too long, it means that something is wrong with the capacitors. When the monitor does not work well or the monitor does not work, the problem may be a partial or complete malfunction of the system card. In addition, difficulties can be associated with damage to the connector for connecting the motherboard to the video adapter. But in order to verify this, you will need to connect a different graphics adapter.

Remember: if you determine that the motherboard is malfunctioning or the monitor is burned out, do not try to solve the problem yourself, but immediately seek professional help. Users-amateurs who do not understand computer technology should not “dig” either in the monitor or in the motherboard. Of course, theoretically you can try to disassemble a “bad” monitor. But, as practice shows, ordinary PC users monitors are rarely repaired – almost never. This is a very complex and delicate process that requires special knowledge. And, as the same practice again shows, if the monitor burns out, it is advisable to just go to the store and buy a new one.

Dust in the system
By the way, how long have you “cleaned up” the system unit of your PC? Sistemnik is a real vacuum cleaner that draws in a lot of dust from the environment. Therefore, it must be regularly cleaned so that the contacts are not clogged, because this may well lead to a malfunction of the monitor. Remove the system cover and clean it inside, just be careful with the motherboard and other details. After the “cleaning”, disconnect the video card from the motherboard, take a soft pencil eraser and clean its contacts. Press lightly so as not to damage anything.

Other reasons
If the monitor does not turn on, the reason may be in the wrong device selection in the BIOS. This happens when there are two video adapters on the personal computer – external and built-in. All you need to do in order to solve this problem is to reset the BIOS settings to standard. To do this, simply disconnect the batteries from the system board.

It is also quite possible that when the monitor does not light up at the start of the computer, the cord contacts are oxidized. Gently wipe both ends of it with alcohol, being careful not to bend the parts or break them. Look carefully at the “pins” – if they are bent, take a small screwdriver and straighten

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