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How to choose a keyboard for your computer

Very often, choosing a keyboard for your computer can be a problem. Despite the fact that the keyboard is not accepted as one of the most significant elements of a PC, it plays a very significant role. From the correctness of her choice depends on how comfortable and convenient the user will feel while working at the computer.

Choosing a wireless keyboard by connection type
All keyboards can be divided into two main categories: wireless and wired.

A wireless keyboard has an obvious advantage – no wires. As a rule, good wireless-type keyboards are sold complete with a mouse and with certain software, the “duty” of which is to warn that the charge will end soon.

First of all, choosing a wireless keyboard depends on how you connect to your PC. There are two types. The first is radio frequency. This type of connection makes it possible to work in a wide radius, up to several tens of meters. The presence of obstacles from the computer to the keyboard does not play any role. This is the most common and convenient way to work. The second type of connection is Bluetooth. This technology differs from the radio frequency in a smaller radius of action – up to 10 meters.

How to choose a wired keyboard
In order to choose a wired keyboard, you need to know a little more about it. So, the wired keyboard, as you would expect, connects to the PC using the wire. But such keyboards are different. For example, they have two types of connectors, namely:

1) USB – everyone knows the good old connector used to connect any external USB devices;

2) PS / 2 – used only in personal computers. This is a connector of lilac or violet color of circular cross section located on the back wall of the system unit (a green connector of the same cross section is for a mouse).

When choosing a wired keyboard for a PC, it is recommended to give preference to PS / 2, since in this way you save the USB connector (they are often “not enough” in the computer, since most of external devices are connected through this interface).

Keyboard Selection Criteria
Regardless of the connection method, all keyboards have certain characteristics that you need to know in order to choose the “right” device for yourself. In general, the keyboard selection criteria are as follows:

1) The color of the letters – it is desirable that the English and Russian letters are of different colors, for example, red and white.

2) Keyboard color – no matter what color you prefer, pay attention so that the color of the letters does not merge with the color of the keys. For example, red letters on a black background can create discomfort for people with low vision.

3) A block with numbers (as on a calculator) – it is desirable that such a block be clearly separated from the navigation of the keyboard and other keys. Some users believe that it is much more convenient when this unit is completely absent.

4) Button density – pay attention to how close the buttons are to each other. The distance between them should not be large and not too small, otherwise typing texts and generally using the keyboard will be very inconvenient.

5) Key softness – determine how the buttons respond to pressing. The keys should be pressed resiliently and at the same time softly and supplely so that you effortlessly achieve a reaction on the monitor. Pressing it too freely will cause the letter to appear on the screen several times.

6) Sound when a key is pressed – it is better for the keys to be pressed silently or with minimal “sound”, although this, of course, is a matter of taste.

7) The presence of the Sleep, Restart and Shutdown keys – the manufacturer often put these buttons on the keyboard as additional ones. This creates inconvenience, especially if these buttons are placed close to the constantly used keys: by clicking on the next letter when typing, you will hook the “Off” key and the result will not please you.

8) The height of the keys – should optimally be average: the high buttons will require more effort to press, and when you press the low buttons, it seems that the button has not been pressed or the letter appeared repeatedly.

9) Dimensions – depends on how much space on the desktop you have. A large keyboard can create inconvenience, and on a small key will be densely located. The best option is a medium-sized clave.

Keyboard purpose
The choice of keyboard also depends on the purpose for which it is purchased, and the purpose of the keyboard is a serious criterion for selection. According to this principle, all the clavs can be divided into the following main types:

Classical – ordinary clavas for home or office;
Sliding (“broken”) – consist of two parts not connected to one another, which can be located at any angles; Ideal for those users who are engaged in typing in large volumes;
Multimedia – keyboard for music lovers;
Gaming – Claudia for fans of computer games.

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