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How to set up bios asus

BIOS setup is very important for every computer, because stability and speed of PC operation completely depend on it. BIOS is a kind of software firmware located in the chip of the computer motherboard and controls its system operation. The BIOS monitors the operation of the processor, cooling fans and all other devices that are part of the system unit. If you correctly configure the BIOS, you can achieve higher performance or make the necessary changes for the work, so every advanced PC user should understand all the BIOS settings, which we will talk about.

How to enter and exit BIOS
In order to proceed with the settings, you must enter the BIOS. It is very simple to do this, at the very beginning of the computer boot you need to press the delete key several times. On some versions of the motherboard, you may need to press other keys, for example, F12. The motherboard boot menu usually shows which button to press. After all the settings are completed, you must press the F10 key and confirm the exit with saving all the new settings that have been made.

How to speed up PC boot
If you decide to speed up the computer boot, then, having entered the BIOS menu, you must go to the Main item and set the value Timeout to 0. As a result, the operating system on the computer will immediately boot from the hard drive. The fact is that if you do not change this parameter, the computer starts searching for all devices and only then selects the boot from the hard drive, which increases its time.

We increase the ability to charge USB devices
Now each PC user has different devices, such as a mobile phone, smartphone, mp3 player, tablet and many other devices that connect to a computer via a USB port. These devices begin to charge immediately after connection. But with standard settings, the output voltage is small and charging takes a long time. With BIOS settings, you can increase the voltage and speed up charging. To do this, go to the USB 2.0 HS Reference Voltage settings and select the maximum value.

Sometimes, in order for the USB 2.0 port to work, you need to enable it in the BIOS settings. To do this, you first need to go into the port settings and set the Enabled value opposite it, which means it’s turned on.

Troubleshoot fans
Sometimes the cooler can cause a conflict with the BIOS settings, and the computer will stop working. But, in fact, the fan speed to cool the processor is enough. This is due to the dependence of the processor temperature on the fan speed. To eliminate the cause of the inability to boot into the BIOS, go to the CPU Fan Failur Warning section and turn off this setting by setting Disabled. After that, you need to temporarily install the cooler, operating at maximum speed, so that you can load the BIOS, configure and then return the old fan to its place.

Unnecessary features for video cards
In the BIOS there are a couple of functions designed for video cards to speed up their work in DOS mode. To remove these completely useless functions for Windows, such as Video RAM Cacheable and Video BIOS Cacheable, you need to disable them.

How to enable processor cache in BIOS
Each processor has such a high-speed memory as a cache, thanks to it the processor and the computer itself can become much better. But in the BIOS, it can be disabled in the standard settings. In order to verify this, you need to go to the Advanced BIOS Features section, find the CPU L3 Cache parameter and enable it. After that, the operation of the central processor on the PC will be faster and more productive.

Choosing a device to boot
The computer can be loaded from a hard disk, a CD drive, and other storage media. To speed up the download, you need to install the boot from the HDD in the first position so that the PC does not waste time trying to boot, for example, from the drive and only then goes to the hard drive. To do this, go to the Advanced BIOS Features section, then in the Boot Sequence and on the very first point set the boot from the HDD, which can be selected in the list of devices.

PC status monitoring
Using the BIOS, you can monitor the temperature of the processor and, if necessary, set an alarm or shutdown if the temperature is exceeded. To do this, in the BIOS you need to go to the Health section, where you can control and adjust the temperature parameters of the processor.

Setting HDD Notification
Enabling the HDD Smart Capability function, you can receive messages about problems in the hard drive. This is possible thanks to the self-diagnosis of the HDD, which is enabled by this function.

Batch Data Transfer
In some versions of BIOS asus and others, it is possible to enable the packet data mode. This can be done if the BIOS has a Burst mode function that needs to be enabled.

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